AMENDED RECORD OF DECISION - The Gauteng Department of Agriculture, Conservation, Environment and Land Affairs (DACEL) has withdrawn the RoD dated the 29th of September 2003, issuing an amended RoD on the 26th of April 2004.
Click here to view the recommended route alignment, as authorised in the RoD issued by DACEL.


Bohlweki Environmental has been appointed by the Gauteng Department of Transport (Gautrans) as independent environmental consultants to identify and assess the potential environmental impacts of the project through an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

This website provides you, as an interested and/or affected party (I&AP), with background information on the proposed Gautrain Rapid Rail Link project, as well as information regarding the environmental studies to be undertaken.

It further indicates how you can become involved in the project, receive information or raise issues that may concern and/or interest you.

The sharing of information forms an important component of the public participation process of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), and provides you with the opportunity to become actively involved in the project from the outset.

Public participation is an important aspect of the environmental investigations currently being undertaken.

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